5 advantages of living in a townhome

If you’re looking to purchase new real estate in Penticton, a townhome is a great choice for you and your family. Townhomes are great for people looking for a single family home, without all the responsibilities and maintenance of a larger single family home or property. In this article we’re going to discuss some of the advantages of living in a townhome.

new real estate in pentictonOutdoor Activities on your property

Townhomes and the land they occupy is owned by you the homeowner. This little area is great for walking or playing with the dog, grilling outdoors in the spring and summer months, and even tending to a small garden. Strata fees normally cover the lawn maintenance and landscaping, so you won’t need to worry about the upkeep.

Less Maintenance

Townhomes typically require a lot less maintenance than a single-family home. As mentioned above, the Strata will typically cover the outdoor exterior maintenance such as landscaping, parking lot maintenance, and common area maintenance. You are responsible for any maintenance or renovations inside the home.

new real estate in pentictonA sense of community

Because townhomes or generally closer together than most residential homes, neighbors get to know each other quite quickly. If you’re someone who liked to get to know people and have a close relationship with your community, than townhomes are perfect for you.

Lower monthly bills

Townhomes also have some financial upside compared to single family homes. Statistics show that townhome owners typically pay less on utilities, and much less when it comes to the cost of maintaining the exterior and lot.

In conclusion, townhomes are great for anyone looking to save some money and live within a friendly community. If you’re ready to purchase new real estate in Penticton, contact us today for more information about our lots for sale, or follow us on Instagram to keep in touch with what is going on within The Ridge.